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Small Kingdoms

"Captivating . . . . Hobbet gracefully renders her diverse characters and all their competing prejudices . . . ."

                    --The New York Times

"A gripping book, written with clarity, grace and insight."

--Hilary Mantel, novelist

Winner, Booker Prize, 2009 & 2012

“Hobbet’s second novel . . . beautifully evokes both character and place. An eloquent, haunting, and enlightening novel.”

                    --Booklist (starred review)

A “compelling novel . . . . Hobbet's extensive knowledge of Kuwait's people, customs and political landscape combine to make an immersive, authentic novel about Middle East life.”

                         --Publishers Weekly

“Both moving and intelligent . . . . An important novel that sheds light not just on life in the Middle East but also on what it means to be human, to be engaged in the world at large. It takes big issues and examines them on a human scale. That Hobbet pulls this trick off while also giving us a gripping, multi-layered narrative only underscores her gifts as a writer.”

                          --Small Press Reviews

“Small Kingdoms is a brilliant feat of storytelling.”  

                           --Zoe Ferraris, Finding Nouf

                       Winner, LA Times Book Award

"This is wise and dramatic fiction at its best."

                            --Alyson Hagy, novelist

                                         Snow, Ashes; Boleto

"Small Kingdoms is as close to a perfect novel as I’ve seen in years."

--Mary Whipple, Top 500 Amazon reviewer

"In her second novel, Hobbet deftly draws on her travels in the Middle East and North Africa . . . . Her writing will keep readers engaged as they explore the complexity of the Kuwaiti lives dramatized."

                            --Library Journal, recommended

ISBN 978-1579621919

                                  Pleasure of Believing

"Unsentimental, evocative, breathtaking. Hobbet injects a rich dose of private character into an issue of abiding public concern.

--Publishers Weekly

"Wonderfully written . . . . Pointed as they are, the conflicts are nearly eclipsed by the raw power of the inanimate world--the fearsome western weather and the intoxicating geography. Altogether a debut informed by a palpable love of land and open spaces."

--Kirkus Reviews

"If one refocused the sharp-eyed gaze of Virginia Woolf's To the Lighthouse on the windswept basins . . . and then added hawks to the cast, the result would be much like this: dead accurate and quietly marvelous . . . . Hobbet's first novel is striking for its courage and humane art."

                                                                                                                                   --Journal of Western American Literature

ISBN 978-1569471159


Small Kingdoms

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Pleasure of Believing

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